Education for Life

Our Staff

Our dedicated, professional staff work together with parents as partners in your child's education. Our teachers are readily available to speak to parents and we encourage parents to contact them with any questions they may have.

Our teachers provide expertise in various extra curricular activites such as choir, drama, student clubs, and sports teams. They are active in their churches and faith life and we believe that this enhances their teaching ability. Our staff cares for each individual student and encourages him/her to grow in their God given talents.

Staff 2017/18

Preschool Supervisor - Mrs. M. Puklicz

Preschool Teacher- Mrs. L. Silvera

Junior Kindergarten A - Miss B. DeGier

Junior Kindergarten B - Mrs. B. Beenen 

JK Grow and Go (Tuesday/Thursday) - Mrs. M. Puklicz 

Senior Kindergarten  - Mrs. L. Koudijs

Grade One A - Miss S. VanderSpek (Mrs. E. Botha, EA)

Grade One B - Mrs. A. Moelker (Mrs. E. Botha, EA)

Grade Two - Mrs. E. Botha & Mrs. J. Weinhart (Mrs. B. Beenen EA)

Grade Three - Mrs. L. Salverda, Miss B. DeGier

Grade Four - Mrs. F. Vandermeulen, Miss B. DeGier, (Mrs. Y. Rizzo, EA)

Grade Five - Mr. D. Brower, (Mrs. Y. Rizzo, EA)

Grade Six - Mrs. A. Regnerus 

Grade Seven - Mr. G. Van Andel, Mrs. S. Guichelaar Gesch

Grade Eight - Miss F. Huberts, Mr. G. VanAndel, (Mrs. K. Beda, TA)

Resource - Mrs. M. Bierling, Mrs. C. Gray

JK -Gr. 5 French - Mrs. A. Medeiros, Mrs. L. Hilverda

Gr. 6-8 French - Mrs. A. Regnerus

ESL- Mrs. S. Guichelaar Gesch

Librarian - Mrs. C. Dyk

Administrative Assistant - Mrs. A. Clark

Office Support - Mrs. C. DeVisser

Advancement Coordinator - Mrs. R. Kalverda

Bookkeeper - Mrs. J. DeVries

Custodian - Mr. & Mrs. Dimis

Vice Principal - Miss F. Huberts

Principal/COO - Mr. S. Beda

Testimonial 2

We have been involved for many years at Cambridge Christian School. Our youngest is now in Grade 4. My husband and I see the benefits of Christian education and are in awe of what our daughter is learning both spiritually and academically. The teachers and staff go above and beyond to accommodate. We have been blessed to have our daughter at Cambridge Christian School.

Jean Verwey