Education for Life

Principal's Greeting

Welcome to our Cambridge Christian School website! I hope you will easily find answers to your questions as you browse our pages.

Did you know that your child will spend over 10,000 hours in elementary school? It’s hard to fathom all the learning that happens, both intentional and unintentional, in these formative years! At Cambridge Christian School we have an academic program of excellence that is grounded in the goal of discipleship. We seek to serve Christian families who are committed to raising their children to be followers of Christ. It is our desire that Cambridge Christian School graduates will have a Christian worldview that allows them to honour God by living lives of service for years to come.

Our school has been serving the Lord in education since 1967 and we can clearly see God’s faithfulness over the years as He has enabled us to provide high-quality, Christ-centred education to students in the Cambridge area. Our qualified, dedicated staff are committed to presenting lessons that uncover the wonder and order in all parts of God’s creation.

Cambridge Christian School is a community of families that cares for one another. Parent commitment and volunteerism make our school a unique place. Expectations for student work and behaviour are high; I am continually impressed by how respectful Cambridge Christian School students are towards each other and adults. Whether in academics or extracurricular activities, our students are expected to do their best. We seek to prepare well-rounded individuals who are wise, discerning, and ready to stand up for Christ and make a difference in the world.

We are excited by what our school has to offer and we invite you to consider the blessing of Christian education!

Scott Beda



Testimony 5

One of the reasons we love CCS is because of the high quality, loving and dedicated teaching staff. They are teachers who love to teach and do so with joy and enthusiasm. Being excellent teachers, they make every effort in the classroon to ensure that our children are accommodated and challenged as necessary. We consider these teachers to be exceptional because of their willingness to volunteer their time so that our childrens' experience includes athletic, artistic and academic extracurricular activities.

Marc and Janice Tremblay