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Curriculum at CCS

So, what is Christian about our school's curriculum? Here are some of the main areas of the curriculum and how they are unique to our Christian school.





Not only are biblical principles woven through all curriculum areas, but Bible is taught daily at CCS as a separate subject. The school’s Bible program, The Story of God and His People, presents the Bible as the divinely inspired Word of God. In learning about God’s people throughout history, students learn that through the high and low points, God’s continuing love for His people shines steadily. Despite doubt, rebellion, fear, or pressure to conform, each student (just like the people in Bible times) is on a spiritual pilgrimage under God’s care. Students also belong to the story. The Bible helps share our sense of who we are, where we have come from, what we are living for, and where we are headed. In addition to daily Bible classes, students across the grades learn key memory work passages, allowing them to hold God’s word in their hearts and minds.

Language Studies

Language is a gift from God and it is how God communicates with us. We use language to communicate to others and to respond to God. Learning how to use language is the foundation for learning all other areas of the curriculum. At CCS, students are taught structure of language. Many opportunities are given for students to read text whether in book form or on-line. They are taught to listen thoughtfully, speak articulately, read with a critical eye, and use their imaginations to write creatively. Media resources are also used to develop media and oral literacy. French language instruction begins formally in Grade 3 at Cambridge Christian School. In studying French, Canada’s second official language, students are encouraged to become aware of, and appreciate, the differences in Canada’s cultural mosaic. CCS has been blessed with a well-equipped mobile Computer Lab and Library. All students have use of the library and computer lab on a regular basis.

Mathematics and Science

Math is more than a series of random numbers. Did numerical order just happen, or did our Creator intend order to be present in all creation? When students study mathematics, they not only learn mathematical functions at the appropriate grade levels, they also discover how God created order in the universe. The mathematics program at CCS enables students to increase their understanding of God’s Creation while preparing them to serve effectively in the world in which they live. Science has emerged through human curiosity, creativity, and rationality, as a tool to better understand both the natural world in which we live, and, by reflection, our God who created it. As an organized inquiry into the natural and physical universe, science expands our knowledge of Creation and is a significant tool to equip us to wisely care for the earth and its life. The Bible sets the facts obtained through scientific study in the context of ultimate causes and infinite relations. The Bible and Science are complimentary. Together they help us understand God’s plan and purpose for every part of Creation.

Social Studies, History and Geography

Christian education strives to bring God’s entire world to the student. As students unfold the facts of history and geography they are challenged by questions that are essential in Christian worldview formation: How did we get here, and what role do we as Christians have today? How can we as Christians make a difference? How can we be ecologically responsible consumers? How do we treat one another as image-bearers of God? Those are all questions students come to understand and experience as they study together.

Physical Education and Health

In Physical Education we study the movement of the body and we practice skills to acquire and maintain physical fitness. All students have formal Physical Education classes twice a week. We encourage all of our students to be physically active, both in school and at home. In Health classes, students become aware of how their bodies function and how to take good care of them. Age and grade appropriate lessons explain how God created us to interact with each other in Christ-like ways.

Fine Arts

As God's children, we have been made in the image of a creative Father. At CCS, students are given an opportunity to explore and develop their artistic side. Through regular music classes, they don't just learn the structure of music, but are also given opportunity to praise God through song. Weekly Art classes provide students with a variety of hands-on experiences to express, imagine and create.


Technology is a tool that helps the Christian school achieve its goals of nurturing the habits of the Christian mind in an interactive environment. Students are encouraged to appreciate God’s gift of technology as a powerful and versatile tool and to use a variety of technologies to extend their range of learning possibilities. Our school’s technology resources are ever growing. Some of these include a mobile classroom lab, Smart Boards and projectors.

Testimony 5

One of the reasons we love CCS is because of the high quality, loving and dedicated teaching staff. They are teachers who love to teach and do so with joy and enthusiasm. Being excellent teachers, they make every effort in the classroon to ensure that our children are accommodated and challenged as necessary. We consider these teachers to be exceptional because of their willingness to volunteer their time so that our childrens' experience includes athletic, artistic and academic extracurricular activities.

Marc and Janice Tremblay